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Hello guys and Welcome to gcequiz.com, an online revision platform that will help you to prepare for your general exams or any class exams with quizzes.

Whether you’re trying to memorize the Periodic Table or refresh your knowledge  on polymerization, facing revision head on can be daunting. It's true that you have lot of stuff to learn but we're here at gcequiz to help you overcome this problems. gcequiz.com  has made available so many quizzes for you to revise and prepare for  your general exams, we have quizzes on the extraction of metals, Transition metals, acid bases salts and so many other quizzes just to help you to be well prepared for your exams. Be it the GCSE, GCE A level or necta. We're going to briefly look at what chemistry is, a brief history and also the different  branches that we have in chemistry.

Chemistry is a part of normal science and it manages the properties of substances, the progressions they experience and the likewise the common laws that oversee these changes. It is additionally the investigation of issue and the synthetic responses that happen between substances. Science is once in a while alluded to as the focal science and as you probably saw, in the event that you wish to do sciences in secondary school, you need to do science (It isn't an alternative) 

The essential compound theory initially became known in Greece when Aristotle characterized four components, fire, air, earth and water. The dad of present day science is Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier and this is a result of his work on the standard of the protection of mass and for making another framework for compound classification. 

The parts of chemistry that our quizzes are going to focus on are Analytic science, a tad of Biochemistry, Inorganic science, Organic science and actual science. 

With these online quizzes you are allowed to study at anyplace and at whenever you feel like because the quizzes are free of charge. For other A level quizzes, click here

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A level Chemistry Quizzes