KS2 (key stage 2) Online Quizzes

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KS2 (key stage 2) Online Quizzes

Revising KS2 (key stage 2) curriculum with quizzes in Mathematics, Science, English, History, Arts and design, Geography and other subjects.

(Fun, straightforward and simple quizzes for pupils doing KS2, helping them master the ks2 curriculum.)

Key stage 2 commonly known as KS2 is a stage which is directly after KS1 (Key stage 1) and it is made up of children within the age range of 7 years to 11 years.

The academic system of key stages (KS) is mostly practiced in England, Wales and other parts of the world. KS2 (key stage 2) marks the continuation of the first two years of a child he spent in ks1, getting a basic introduction to subjects they will begin to cover in KS2 (key stage 2).

However, according to the national curriculum, the following are compulsory for KS2 pupils; English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Computing, Languages, PE, Art And Design, Music And Design Technology. Religious education is a subject with lessons on many religions but some parents may exclude their children from these lessons.At the end of the final year of pupils in KS2, they are given a national final assessment, known as the Scholastic Assessment Test (KS2 SATs) where children are required to have an overall score of at least 80. There are children that can reach the maximum score of 120.

To help students overcome exam fear, and pass their KS2 SAT. On this  platform we have put together a collection of KS2 quizzes which covers all the above subject matter to help children perform better in school. Our KS2 online quizzes on this platform enable children to have fun while learning.In addition, we equally have a special collection of KS2 online quizzes for options in the KS2 national curriculum which are : Foreign languages, PSHE and citizenship.

Furthermore, This platform is absolutely free for pupils to revise using our KS2 online quizzes to perform better or to prepare for their SATs exam this year. You can equally find online quizzes on KS1, KS3, GCSE which will help you throughout your academic journey. 

Play and enjoy while learning!

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KS2 (key stage 2) Online Quizzes