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Revising GCSE Chemistry Quizzes

Whether you’re trying to memorize the Periodic Table or refresh your knowledge on polymerization, facing revision head on can be daunting.

 Yes, you’ve got a lot of stuff to learn but we're here at gcequiz to help you overcome this problems. gcequiz.com has made available so many quizzes for you to revise and prepare for your exams, we have quizzes on Energy transfer in physical and chemical changes, Rates of Chemical Reaction, Transition metals and other metals and so so many other quizzes just to help you to be well prepared for your exams. Be it the GCSE, GCE A level or necta. We're going to briefly look at what chemistry is, a brief history and also the different branches that we have in chemistry

Chemistry is a branch of natural science and it deals basically with the properties of substances, the changes they go through and the also the natural laws that govern these changes. It is also the study of matter and the chemical reactions that occur between substances. Chemistry is sometimes referred to as the central science and as you must have noticed, if you wish to do sciences in high school, you have to do chemistry (It is not an option)

The basic chemical hypothesis first came to light in Greece when Aristotle defined four elements, fire, air, earth and water. The father of modern chemistry is Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier and this is because of his work on the principle of the conservation of mass and for creating a new system for chemical nomenclatur

The branches of chemistry that are quizzes are going to focus on are Analytic chemistry, a little bit of Biochemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry and physical chemistry.

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GCSE Chemistry Quizzes