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Revising Key Stage 2 (KS2) History with quizzes.

(KS2 History quizzes for pupils preparing for their end of term or end of year KS2 exams or children that wish to boost their performance in class or on history )

Hello and welcome to gcequiz.com. This is an online revision platform that will help you to prepare for your exams by providing you with numerous quizzes to answer and test yourself. KS2 History quizzes will help and accompany children to better prepare for their end of year exam by testing them on different historical aspects. These quizzes  have been made in such a way that they meet up with the KS2 History scheme of work.

History is the investigation of past events which is important in predicting the present. It is a story, or a record of past events that are normally identified with a person, a foundation, a building or even a spot. Someone that studies history is known as a Historian. Historians consider Herodotus as the father of History since he assisted in the foundation for modern learning of human History. The methods and sources used in the study and writing of History is called Historiography.

When studying in KS1 you will be thought that are basically three types of History and they are

Written History : also known as recorded history is a form of history based on recorded documentation

Spoken History: also called oral history is a collection of historical documentation through interviews, families and ancestors

Dug-up History: this involves the collection of historical through the analysis of remains left by people who lived in the years back.

These quizzes have been set in a straight, forward, easy and exam friendly way. On this platform, you can equally play other KS2 subject quizzes. The quizzes cover historical events such as the ancient Roman empire, the ancient Egypt civilization and many more exciting right ?  then start enjoying them by selecting a quiz above.

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KS2 History Quizzes