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 We have made available quizzes in so many topics in Biology such as Osmosis, plant cells, reproduction and so many other. So here we will give you a brief explanation on what Biology is and all that it entails.

Now what is Biology?

Biology is simply the study of living things, where they come from, their structure, their behavior and the way they are spread throughout a particular region at a particular point in time.  

Branches of Biology

In the A levels, Biology has so many branches, some of which are intertwined with each other. Below is the list of some of the branches of A level Biology;

  • Botany: which is the study of plants.
  • Anatomy: which has to deal with studying how the body looks like (studies the body structure)
  • Zoology: the study of animals.
  • Ecology: which is simply the study of how living things are related to their environment.
  • Microbiology: as the word goes, micro, this simply means that this is the branch of Biology that deals with very small organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, et
  • Biotechnology
  • Genetics
  • Physiology 

Just to name a few.

During the exams, students are tested on aspects of Biology such as enzymology, ecology and even with multiple-choice, practicals and some essay questions. This therefore  means that students need to have a mastery of the various branches of Biology in order to get a good pass in A level Biology. For more quizzes on other A level subjects, click here. Don't forget to visit our official website, at gcequiz.com for more information.

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A level Biology Quizzes