KS2 (key stage 2) Online Music Quizzes

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  KS2 (key stage 2) Online Music Quizzes 

(Music quizzes for pupils in the KS2 level who wish to boost their scores in the end of year ks2 exams or children that wish to increase their performance in class)

Hello and welcome to gcequiz.com. This is an important tool for revision. Our online revision platform helps children to revise and better prepare for their exams by providing them with numerous quizzes for them to answer and test their knowledge. Today we will be talking about music and what ks2 music entails.

Music is simply a work of art. Music brings together coordinated sound(s). Generally, music incorporates regular components, for example, pitch, musicality, elements, and the sonic characteristics of tone and surface.

After hearing all that you must wonder what you will be learning, in the ks2 students are taught about the musical instruments, musical elements, musical pieces etc. Our quizzes will tackle the historical aspects which will help you memorize the years in which some musical pieces were created. Furthermore we will also have special quizzes on the different instruments helping ks2 identify them better. All these and more  will be taught with our quizzes, if you wish to be part of the ride, then select a topic of interest above, for those doing the ks1 we have special music quizzes for them to you can find them here 

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 KS2 (key stage 2) Online Music Quizzes