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According to the Oxford Learner's Dictionary, Religion is the belief in the existence of a god or gods and activities that are connected with the worship of them or in the teachings of a spiritual leader. 

Today, we will be looking at the different types of religion and their definitions. Our quizzes will help lead you in the path to success.

Types of Religion

There are so many types of religion but here at online gce quizzes, we are going to focus on the three major religions on Earth and they are Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Islam: Followers of the Islamic religion are known as Muslims. Moreover, the meaning of Islam is to ‘surrender’ and the people who follow this religion surrender themselves to ‘Allah’. The holy book of Muslims is called the ‘QURAN’ and Muslims believe that Allah disclosed this book to Muhammad who was the last prophet.

Christianity: 'Christian' are the followers of Christianity and they believe in the existence of one God. Moreover, the Christians believe that Jesus Christ, the only son of God was sent to Earth for our Salvation. Their Holy book is the 'Bible'.

Furthermore, the Bible is partitioned into the Old Testament and the New Testament. Most Importantly, Jesus Christ died on the cross to liberate us from our transgressions. Individuals observe Easter on the third day. Since Jesus Christ revived on the third day of his demise.

Judaism: This is an ethnic religion composed of the collection of religious, cultural and legal traditions and civilization. The followers of Judaism are known as 'Jewish people' or 'Jews'. Judaism began in the Middle East during the Bronze age and is considered as an organized religion

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