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What is history? Who creates history? Is history relevant? we are going to start by answering all of these questions for you to better understand what History is all about and why it's necessary to study history with the various types of history. 

History is the investigation of past occasions paving the way to the current day. It is an exploration, a story, or a record of past occasions and advancements that are normally identified with an individual, a foundation, or a spot. A Historian is someone who studies history and Heredotus is considered to be the father of History and he assisted in the foundation for the modern learning of human History. The methods and sources used in the study and writing of History is called Historiography. History is created by us human beings and it is relevant in the sense that Our generations to come can read and learn from what we did in our past. 

There are basically three types of History and they are

Written History

Spoken History and 

Dug-up History 

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KS3 History quiz