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KS3 also known as key stage 3 is a level for students in their first three years at the secondary school within the age range of 11-14 years old. In this sections, you will be evaluated on KS3 design and technology using quizzes based on the KS3 curriculum. Design and technology is a very practical subject where the students use their creativity and imaginations to solve real life solutions based on their needs or others. This entails the development and implementation of computer technologies alongside with design skills.

KS3 Design and Technology quiz, Design technology, or D.T., is simply the study, design, development, application, implementation, support and management of computer also, non-PC based advancements for the express motivation behind imparting item plan goal and constructability.

Throughout KS3, you’ll be encouraged to think of bigger, better and even brighter ideas than before.

Not just that, you'll need to impart your thoughts rapidly and viably. No one needs to lounge around for three hours while you talk about your most recent waterproof cap with worked in headphones; they need a productive and smart outline that covers all the key zones. 

KS3 Design and Technology will last through Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9. In that time, you'll become familiar with a great deal of energizing things, all from the National Curriculum.

The quizzes that you're going to find in this website  have been designed and set in such a way that they reach the expectations of KS3 Design and Technology test but if you wish to answer quizzes on other KS3 Subjects like KS3 Music, KS3 Geography, click here. Our quizzes are free of charge so you can answer them anywhere and at any time. Visit gcequiz.com for more interesting quizzes.

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KS3 Design and Technology quiz