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 KS1 (key stage 1) Online Science Quizzes

Revising ks1 science with quizzes: animals, energy, plants, weather etc…

(Easy and fascinating ks1 science quizzes for pupils at ks1 (key stage 1) ready to make their stay in year one and year two fun like never before.

We are really aware of the fact that pupils at ks1 just got to a new world and everything is brand new including sciences. But this is a great opportunity to develop natural curiosity in the minds of pupils towards science and scientific discoveries.

Ks1 science involves the exploration of the earth, animals, plants and other interesting entities to better the world.

Science has been a great tool nowadays that has brought a lot of development in the world and still proving more has been left undiscovered. Ks1 science is that subject that opens the scientific mind of pupils and sets them ready for the vast world of science out there.

Future Isaac Newtons are made starting from ks1 science lessons :) 

During their stay in ks1, pupils learn interesting facts about ;

  • Animals: identity of animals and their anatomy 
  • Energy: forms of energy, sources and more
  • Plants: plant growth, cultivation and reproduction
  • Weather: various seasons and their characteristics
  • Everyday materials: such as glass,plastic, metal and more

To improve the performance of pupils on ks1 science lessons listed above, we have put together a vivid collection of ks1 science quizzes which will equally help in preparation for the SATs exam. At the end of the final year (year 2) in ks1, pupils write a national test with ks1 science called SATs exam (scholastic assessment test) where every child is expected to have at least 100 points overall. 

This platform is just the best friend you need to study in preparation for your exams using ks1 online quizzes.

All you need to do is select a quiz, play and learn!

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KS1 Science Quizzes