Ks1 Religious Education Quizzes

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 Ks1 Religious Education Quizzes

Revising ks1 religious studies with quizzes: ceremonies, rituals, worship, friendship, light and dark, beginning and endings, etc.

(Fun and exciting quizzes for children in ks1 doing religious education)

Education is not just about teaching children the knowledge they need to succeed in their career but to also shape children in becoming a well-balanced and social citizen in the society. Children in ks1 need to be aware of the different culture and religious systems around them. Even though Religious Education (RE) is not obligatory according to the ks1 national curriculum, many schools find it very important to be taught at ks1.

Children studying RE are taught lessons on religion like christianity,islam,Hindu, etc alongside with other fascinating lessons on;

  • Caring for others : Children taught how to show kindness to one another.
  • Friendship
  • Gifts and giving : In this lesson, children are taught how to express their love by giving gifts to friends and family members.
  • Places of worship : Children are taught different worship styles and rituals.
  • Easter and surprises : Children are taught how to celebrate Easter festivals with friends, family and loved ones.
  • Light and dark
  • Beginnings and endings.

Children in ks1 studying RE equally get fascinating lessons on major ceremonies like;

  • Easter: A festival for christians looking back at the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day.
  • Palm Sunday : A festival where christians celebrate the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem.
  • Diwali: It is a five day festival to celebrate a new beginning and victory of light over darkness by the Hindus.

We have made a collection of fun ks1 RE quizzes for children in ks1 year 1 and year 2 on this platform.

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 Ks1 Religious Education Quizzes