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Today we will be looking at the definition of Arts, Design and the various types of Arts and Designs.

To begin with,

What is Arts and what is Design?

Arts is the use of human inventive ability and creative mind to bring out a masterpiece

for example, painting,

Design on the other hand is the way toward imagining and arranging the production of articles, intelligent frameworks, structures, vehicles, etc. 

Types of Arts

You'll go through so many quizzes that will test your knowledge on the various types of arts. The different classifications of arts include; visual arts, plastic arts, performance arts, fine arts, applied arts and decorative arts

Types of Design

Below are the most common types of design

Architecture. Designing buildings and structures.

Industrial Design.

Landscape Architecture.

Interior Design.

Software Design.

Engineering Design.

Fashion Design.

User Interface Design.

The quizzes that you're going to see have been set in such a way that they meet up to the ks1 Arts and Design examination expectations. Our quizzes are free of charge so you can answer them anywhere, at any time and as many times as you want.

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KS1 Arts and Design