Combined quiz on Light, Sound and Hearing

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Revising Light, Sound and Hearing with Quizzes.
(Combined quiz on Light, Sound and Hearing for students doing, A level, GCE, GCSE, and necta)

In this topic, we are going to look at light in general, a very essential necessity for life, what sound is and what hearing is all about. So we are now going to throw more light on what light, sound and hearing. At the end of which, you'll have quizzes to answer to better understand the concepts.


Light is a type of electromagnetic radiation with a frequency which can be recognized well by the natural eye. It is a little piece of the electromagnetic range and radiation emitted by stars like the sun for a model. Light normally exists in minuscule energy parcels structures called photons. Each wave has a frequency or recurrence. 


Sound is a vibration that engenders as an acoustic wave, through a transmission medium, for example, a gas, fluid or strong. It is made when something vibrates and sends rushes of energy (vibration) into our ears. The vibrations travel through the air or another medium (strong, fluid or gas) to the ear. The more grounded the vibrations, the stronger the sound. Sound changes relying upon how quick or moderate an article vibrates to make sound waves. 

Sound is a longitudinal wave which comprises of compressions and rarefactions going through a medium. Sound wave can be depicted by five qualities: 

- Wavelength 

- Amplitude 

- Time-Period 

- Frequency and 

- Velocity or Speed. 


Hearing is the capacity to see sounds by recognizing vibrations, changes in the pressing factor of the encompassing medium through time, through an organ, for example, the ear.

It is important to note that human hearing is from 20 to 20,000Hz. Under ideal laboratory conditions, humans can hear sound as low as 12Hz and as high as 28,000Hz.

These quizzes are very important as it will test how well you know the topics light, hearing and sound, which you experience daily. The quizzes that you're going to encounter in this website have been  designed and set in such a way that they meet up to the GCSE Physics examination expectations and if you wish to answer quizzes on other GCSE subjects, click here. Our quizzes are free of charge so you can answer them anywhere and at anytime. Visit for more interesting quizzes.

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Combined quiz on Light, Sound and Hearing