A level Pressure and Moments Quizzes

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A level Pressure and Moments Quizzes
Prepared quizzes for A level Physics students , GCE, and GCSE on pressure and Moments)

Welcome guys. Here, we are going to be looking at this in two parts, pressure, and moments. In physics, this topics together help students to understand more about the applications of forces and how forces could itself be used to determine pressure, as well as moment. A typical example is that of a damp, we apply pressure roles to the construction of dams.

Pressure is defined as force per unit area. This force usually acts perpendicular to the surface if the object. The S.I unit of pressure is N/m
where 1N/m= the unit force acting on and object per unit area. Also, 1N/m is termed pascal denoted P

The equation of pressure tells us that, if a force is spread over a large area, the smaller the pressure, and the smaller the area of application of force, the larger the pressure.  Pressure unlike forces, is a scalar quantity as it has no particular direction it has to be applicable to.

 Moments of forces

Moment is a turning effect of a force, it is the measure of a force's tendency to cause a rotation about a fixed point.
The moment depends on the force and the position(distance) upon which the force acts.

Mathematically, moment=force x distance from the axis of rotation

Note !

It is important to note that, for a system of forces in equilibrium with respect to a fixed point(pivot), the clockwise moment is always equal to the anticlockwise moment. This statement is especially used to solve most problems involving moments

Apart from these very few interesting and most essential things you need to know about moments and pressure, you are also expected to know what torque is, torque is also the measure of a force that can cause an object to rotate. Do not confuse between torque and moment, torque is a movement force where as moment is a static force.

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A level Pressure and Moments Quizzes