A level Physics Energetics Quizzes

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A level Energetics Quizzes.  
(  Energetics quizzes for A level GCE, and GCSE candidates studying Physics)

           Energetics, a branch of physics that studies energy flow as well as transformation of this energy which helps the human society in so many different ways like handling problems involving energy , for example, Some developed societies use resources for agriculture, transportation, garbage collection, information technology and even human communication. In this quiz, we are going to be looking at an overview of energetics in physics, what energy is all about and how it can be transformed from one form to another. Now let us look at what energy is :

Energy is defined as the ability, or the capacity to do work. It's SI unit is the joule(J). Energy is a scalar quantity so has magnitude but no specific direction. There are many several forms of energy, which are;

-Solar energy which is energy from the sun itself

-Kinetic energy which is energy a body possess because it's in motion.

-Potential energy is the energy a body possesses due to its physical state(height or position) from the Earth. 

-Sound energy produced by vibrating objects

-Thermal or heat energy produced when there is friction or collision between atoms in a n object.

-Light energy which is very important is produced when an objects atoms heat up extra. This is because light is an Electromagnetic wave.

There are other forms of energy some of which will not be listed below.

gcequiz.com is here to offer you assistance, and a lot at that in preparation for your exams . IN most official exams, questions are usually set from energetics under the subject Physics. You should therefore play the quiz to see how prepared you are for your exams, for more physics quizzes, you can always click here, there you will find many thrilling and more challenging quizzes.


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A level Physics Energetics Quizzes