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In this section, we will be focusing on dynamics. Dynamics is a very important aspect of mechanics that studies forces and their relation to motion and equilibrium. In this light, practice quizzes are made available below for the successful revision of this topic. Before we proceed, let's have an overview of Dynamics:

Dynamics is a branch of mechanics that studies forces and their relationship with motion and equilibrium. Dynamics can be further divided into linear dynamics and rotational dynamics, which most often, objects exhibit both.

Linear dynamics has to deal with objects moving in a straight line, involving quantities such as force, mass/inertia, displacement, velocity, acceleration, and momentum. 

Rotational dynamics studies objects rotating or moving in a curved path, and it involves quantities such as the moment of inertia/ rotational inertia, torque, angular displacement, angular velocity, angular acceleration, and finally angular momentum.

Definition of force:

Force: A force is an exertion that can cause an object to accelerate. It could be a push or a pull, causing an object to change its current direction, change velocity, or to be deformed either temporarily or permanently. The concept is applicable in describing an influence that causes a body to accelerate. The SI unit of force is the Newton (N). Hence, 1 newton is that force that will cause a unit mass of an object to accelerate by 1 meter per squared seconds.

Students are expected in the exams to be smart enough to answer questions under dynamics with speed and accuracy. Hence, students need to have a mastery of at least the fundamentals in this chapter. For more physics quizzes, click here.

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A level Dynamics Quizzes