O Level Cameroon GCE quiz on History 2020 part 1

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In this quiz, we will be seeing the first 15 questions of GCE 2020 on History.
History has always been known to mankind  be the study of  past events. We will see that, Economic, scientific, technical, medical, cultural, intellectual, religious, and military advances all have a role in the course of history.
Professional historians usually specialize on a certain facet of history, a specific time period, a specific historical style, or a specific geographical place.

When non-historians believe that things were better in the past, they often romanticize the past and speak of the "good old days." Others, on the other hand, regard history solely as a chronicle of progress, with everything always becoming better. People of all eras have made great achievements and committed terrible blunders; so processes of historical change cannot be categorized as either simple.

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O Level Cameroon GCE quiz on History 2020 part 1