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(Online O level Geography Quizzes, with exam standards from the GCSE and GCE with different difficulties levels. questions ranging from 15-20 questions per quiz)

Welcome to O level Geography. Here, we will be discussing on the various sub-sections of geography such as the physical, human and economic, and finally map work. To assist students master the subject, there are ready-made topic-wise quizzes available below on the various sections. But before we proceed, let's know what Geography is all about: 

Geography is the study of man, and his environment. In other words, it is the study of places on the earth, and the relationship between humans and their environment. Geographers explore both the physical features of the earth, as well as human activites. They also examine the manner in which cultural activities relate with the environment. The manner in which locations and places impact people isn't left out. That is also part of the geographer's study plan. Geography seeks to comprehend the location of things, why they are there, and how they undergo develop and change over time. Geography is divided into three main sections: Physical Geography (which involves the study of  processes and patterns in the environment such as the atmosphere,biosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere.), Human and Economic Geography (WHich has to deal with the study of human, their relationships with culture, economies, communities, and interaction with the environment.), and Map Reading or Map work (which has to deal with the act of viewing and interpreting geographical information put on a map).

During the exams, students will be tested on aspects of Geography like Human and Economic Geography, Physical Geography, and Map reading, with multiple-choice, short answer, and essay questions. This therefore implies that students need to have a mastery of the various sub-sections of geography in order to get a good pass in O level Geography. For more quizzes on other O level subjects, click here.

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O level Geography Quizzes