KS3 physics quiz

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KS3 physics quiz. 
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Hello guys and Welcome to gcequiz.com, an online revision platform that  will ease your  revision by providing you with hundreds of quizzes to  answer and in this section, KS3 Physics, we are going to be looking at at overview of physics, what Physics is all about. Physics have several branches, which we are going to see upon the course of taking the quiz, we are also going to see some important things related to physics , so to fully understand ks3 Physics, let us begin with its simple definition, .

Physics is the study of matter and energy in space and time and how they are related to each other. Physics studies how things move(motion of objects) as well as forces that causes the motion of those objects. The essential branches of physics we are expected to know are,
-Thermodynamics: Thermodynamics deals with heat and temperature
-Mechanics: Mechanics deals with motion and its causes as well as interaction between objects.
-Vibrations and Wave phenomena: deals with specific types of repetitive motion, such motions are often seen in pendulum bobs, and springs, sound is one of this type, it has the same kind of motion.
-Optics: Optics deal with light in general, white light, all the seven colors of the rainbow including mirrors, lenses, and combination of colors of the white light to form secondary colors.
-Electromagnetism: This deals with electricity and magnetism, how magnetic materials can be used as electromagnets, and how electromagnets are made out of  such materials.
-Relativity: Here, we see particles which can move at any speed, and even compared to the speed of light.
-and lastly, we have Quantum Mechanics: which studies the behavior of submicroscopic and subatomic particles.

It is important to note that Physics plays a very important key role in the society, everything around us is basically physics, physics is so involved with science oriented jobs for example, Engineering has a lot to with physics, properties of matter as well as application etc are used by engineers in construction of machines, roads, buildings etc. We are surrounded by the sky, sun, the galaxy and others which are all part of physics. All equipment, or at least most equipment in the hospital are physics utensils, this therefore shows that physics is one of the most essential subjects in science and goes a long way. For more quizzes in physics click here But if you want to change the subject, visit   gcequiz.com
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KS3 physics quiz