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ICT is the acronym for Information Communication and Technology. We are going to look at what Information is all about, what communication is all about, what technology is. We are also going to look at some ICT tools and how important ICT is to man.

ICT as earlier mentioned means Information Communication and Technology

Now what is Information, Communication and Technology?

Quite possibly the most widely recognized approaches to characterize Information is to portray it as at least one explanations or realities that are gotten by a human and that have some type of worth to the beneficiary. Information is simply what is transmitted or represented by a particular arrangement of things.

Communication on the other hand is a cycle by which data is traded between people through a typical arrangement of images, signs or behavior.

Technology is the abilities, strategies, and cycles used to accomplish objectives.

ICT tools

ICT tools are devices that are uses to easily transmit information or to ease communication. Our quizzes will also test you knowledge in this particular aspect. There are hundreds of thousands of ICT tools but we will just list a few of them

  • Scanners
  • Photocopier
  • Drums
  • Printer
  • Digital cameras
  • Projector
  • Flash discs
  • interactive white board
  • Microphones
  • DVDs and CDs
  • video Games and so many others

Importance of ICT to man

  • ICT is one of the monetary advancement columns to acquire public upper hand. It can improve the nature of human existence since it tends to be utilized as a learning and training media, the mass correspondence media in advancing and crusading reasonable and significant issues, for example, the wellbeing and social region. It gives more extensive information and can help in acquiring and getting to data.
  •  ICT has become a necessary piece of regular day to day existence for some individuals. It builds its significance in individuals' lives and it is normal that this pattern will proceed, to the degree that ICT proficiency will turn into a useful prerequisite for individuals' work, social, and individual lives. 
  • The utilization of ICT in instruction add an incentive in educating and learning, by upgrading the viability of learning, or by adding a measurement to discovering that was not beforehand accessible. ICT may likewise be a huge persuasive factor in understudies 'learning, and can uphold understudies' commitment with communitarian learning. 

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