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Revising KS3 Geography with quizzes.

(KS3 Geography quizzes for students going in for GCE, GCSE, and necta)

KS3 means Key Stage 3 and it is a level for students who are in the first three years of the secondary school with ages ranging form 11years-14years old. 

In this part, KS3 Geography Quiz, you'll be tested on so many aspects of KS3 Geography with quizzes that have been set based on the KS3 curriculum. We will be looking at what Geography is, the various types of geography that are taught at the KS3 level and the importance of geography.

Geography in the KS3 level is the study of different places and the relationship that exists between people and the environments where they are found. Geography is classified into two groups, Physical geography and Human geography

Physical Geography deals with the study of the Earth's climate, seasons, atmosphere, streams, landforms, soils and oceans.

Human Geography on the other hand is the study of the distribution of people and the cultures on the surface of the earth.

Geography is important in so many aspects, some of which are tested by our quizzes. Geography is important in the sense that it develops knowledge of the environment and places throughout the world via an understanding of maps.

The quizzes that you're going to find in this website have been designed and set in such a way that they meet up to the KS3 Geography test expectations and if you wish to answer quizzes on other KS3 subjects, click here. Our quizzes are free of charge so you can answer them anywhere and at anytime. Visit gcequiz.com for more interesting quizzes.

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KS3 Geography quiz