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KS3 also known as key stage 3 is a level for students in their first three years at the secondary school within the age range of 11-14 years old and in this sections, you will be evaluated on KS3 Citizenship using quizzes based on their curriculum. Here we are going to look at what Citizenship is all about and its importance. After going through this article, you can dive into answering the so many quizzes that gcequiz.com has made available for you.

Citizenship includes individuals cooperating to make positive contrasts to the general public in which they live locally, broadly and all around the world. This cycle is useful for people, and fundamental for fortifying and defending our general public and majority rule lifestyle. 

Citizenship education includes building up the information, abilities and certainty to empower individuals to settle on their own choices and to assume liability for their own lives and networks. Furthermore, in numerous nations, where popularity based society and its establishments are confronting dangers. citizenship schooling is getting progressively significant (important).

Importance of Citizenship

  • It helps give people the insight and skills to better understand, challenge and engage themselves in democratic societies such as Politics, Media, Civil society, the law and the economy.
  • It also helps build up self-confidence and a sense of agency that successfully deal with life challenges like discrimination and bullying.
  • It enables people to make contributions that are positive by developing the insight and experience that is needed to claim their rights
  • For schools and other instructive associations, it assists with creating spurred and capable students, who relate decidedly to one another, to staff and to the encompassing local area. For society it assists with making a functioning and capable populace, ready to partake in the existence of the country and the more extensive world and have its impact in the popularity based cycle.

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KS3 Citizenship quiz