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Revising Arts and Design with Quizzes.

(Arts and Design Quizzes for pupils in KS3)

We will be looking at the definition of Arts, Design and the various types of Arts and Designs.

To begin with,

What is Arts and what is Design? 

Arts the articulation or use of human inventive ability and creative mind, regularly in a visual structure, for example, painting or figure, delivering attempts to be valued basically for their magnificence or passionate force while Design is the way toward imagining and arranging the production of articles, intelligent frameworks, structures, vehicles, and so on It client focused, for example clients are at the core of the plan thinking approach. 

Types of Arts

You'll go through so many quizzes that will test your knowledge on the various types of arts. The different classifications of arts include; visual arts, plastic arts, performance arts, fine arts, applied arts and decorative arts

Fine arts has to do with charcoal, chalk, pencil or pen drawing, painting printmaking, Calligraphy and sculpture 

Visual arts deals with digital arts, computer graphics, photography arts and others

Plastic arts include art works that are molded and are made up of 3D works like stone, metals, wood, clay, plaster and paper.

Applied art is intended for the use of a job and they include industrial design, architecture and others

Decorative arts refers to ornamental art forms such as ceramics, jewelry and mosaic art. It also deals with glass, clay, metal, wood etc

Performance art is also referred to as public performance events and this mostly occurs in theaters.

Types of Design 

Below are the most common types of design

  • Architecture. Designing buildings and structures.
  • Industrial Design.
  • Landscape Architecture. 
  • Interior Design.
  • Software Design. 
  • Engineering Design.
  • Fashion Design.
  • User Interface Design.

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KS3 Arts and Design quiz