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Ks1 online PSHE quizzes

Revising Ks1 PSHE with Quizzes

(ks (key stage) 1 PSHE quizzes for children in key stage one be it year one or year two that wish to boost their self esteem and their performance in class)

Hi there, welcome to our platform. We are very glad to have you here. In this section we will cover KS1 online PSHE quizzes following the national curriculum. We have put together a good number of quizzes for KS1 pupils to test their knowledge by answering the quizzes. This will help them to improve their performances in class and thus boost their results. 

PSHE is an acronym for “Personal, Social and Health Education”. It isn’t as complicated as it may seem. Personal, Social and Health Education is here to make children life-smart by learning more about the community, children will also get the opportunity to improve and develop their general kindness. PSHE teaches children to care for themselves and others, be it keeping themselves clean and fresh or knowing how to differentiate good emotions from bad ones.

Our priority is for you to succeed and we have decided to go along with you throughout your primary and secondary school journey by equally providing ks2, ks3 and gcse online quizzes. All these quizzes are free so you can answer them at anytime and wherever you wish to answer them

Select, play, learn and Enjoy!!

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Ks1 PSHE Quizzes