KS1 Computing Quizzes

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 KS1 Computing Quizzes 

Revising ks1 computing with quizzes: algorithms, logical reasoning, uses of information technology, manipulate digital content, etc

(Simple and fun ks1 computing quizzes for children at key stage 1 )

In this digital world we live in nowadays, technology has become a want or a necessity for everyone. Computers and other technology devices play a very important role in our daily life.

Computing is a term which refers to the use of computer technology to bring solutions or accomplish goals in our daily life. Children in key stage 1 become really best in computer technologies when exposed to it early at an early age. According to national curriculum, ks1 computing teaches children within the age range of 5 - 7 how to use electronic devices such as laptops, desktops and some peripherals like keyboard, mouse, headphones etc

Secondly, ks1 children are also taught how to perform basic computer operations like copy/paste and creation of folders.

Other lessons taught in ks1 computing include:

Algorithms: An algorithm is simply a set of procedures or rules to solve a particular problem. For example, an algorithm that adds two integers by accepting input from a user.

Simple debugging: The act of finding or identifying errors from a software or computer hardware

Coding basics: Basics of programming to solve specific problems

Computing is very important for ks1 kids as it introduces them into the national curriculum for the subject computing which continues in ks2 and higher levels. In ks1, children are evaluated in computing via class practical work and simple assessments.

For this reason, we have put together a collection of awesome quizzes to help ks1 children succeed better in ks1. Below you will find exciting quizzes to play which will get u prepared for your ks1 computing class assessments,

Our quizzes are fun and fascinating for ks1 children to play without getting tired.

Play, learn and have fun!

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 KS1 Computing Quizzes