Combined quiz on Forces and their effects and Speeding up

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Revising Forces, the effects of forces and Speeding up with Online Quizzes

(Combined quiz on Forces and their effects and Speeding up for students in the GCSE, GCE O levels or necta)

The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) in the physics section always bring questions that have to do with forces and their effects, and questions on acceleration too (which is speeding up). To better understand these concepts, has put together many quizzes in this aspects to help you to have a better mastery in them by answering the quizzes. Today we will briefly talk about what forces are, their effects and speeding up (acceleration).

A Force is a push or a pull on an object by another.

Now looking at the effects of a force. A force can

  1. Causes a body to move.
  2. Causes a body to stop moving.
  3. Changes the direction of motion of the body and lastly
  4. disfigure an object. 

There are  so many forces in existence but the most essentials ones are;
 -Gravitational force
 -Electrostatic force
 -Nuclear force,
 -Frictional force etc

To fully understand what speeding up (acceleration is) one must first of all understand what speed is, what displacement is and what velocity is.

The Speed of an object/particle is simply the ratio of the distance moved by the particle to time taken to move through that distance regardless of its direction. It is a scalar  quantity, with S.I unit m/s.

Velocity on the other hand is the rate of the distance moved in a particular direction with respect to time. Distance covered in a particular direction is known as Displacement. Velocity is given by,


Acceleration or Speeding up is therefore the rate of change of velocity with time

a = (V-U)/t


a = acceleration 

V = final velocity

U = initial velocity

t = time

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Combined quiz on Forces and their effects and Speeding up