A level Speeding Up Quizzes

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 A level Speeding up Quizzes.
(A level speeding up quizzes for Advanced level students, GCE, and GCSE candidates.) 

Hello guys and Welcome to gcequiz.com, an online revision platform that  will ease your  revision by providing you with hundreds of quizzes to  answer and in this topic, we are going to look at speed, acceleration and velocity as well as equations of motion.

In almost everyday situation, we experience life situations involving laws of motion. Speeding up here simply means acceleration, the rate at which velocity changes with respect to time. A typical example is that of a moving car which moves more quicker as it's motion proceeds, It is therefore accelerating. We are going to going to throw more light into this as we go ahead,

Speed The speed of an object/particle is simply the ratio of the distance moved by the particle to time taken to move through that distance regardless of its direction. It is a scalar quantity, with S.I unit m/s.

-Instantaneous speed : This is the speed of an object at a particular time t, without consideration of the direction of motion of the particle When this speed is now at a particular direction, it becomes the instantaneous velocity.  speed is given by, 


-Velocity: Velocity is the rate at which distance moves in a particular direction with respect to time. It is given by,


-Acceleration: This is the rate of change of velocity with time

a=V-U        t


V2=U^2+2aS ...................(2)

S=Ut+1/2at^2 ..................(3)  

The 3 equations are the equations of motion, the first 2 can be used to calculate mainly the velocity when the displacement and the acceleration as well as the time is given  while the 3rd equation is used to calculate for  the distance or overall displacement covered by an object which was initially accelerating, or speeding up.

It is important to note that there is more to this topic but these are the most essential things that should be taken note of , you are going to encounter all these especially in mechanics, even further mathematics with mechanics as well as pure mathematics mechanics so it forms the basis of some of these subjects and should be considered a very important aspect and topic.

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A level Speeding Up Quizzes