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Advance level Mechanics Quizzes. 
(Revising A level Mechanics Quizzes for GCSE, and GCE A level candidates with different difficulty levels )

     Hello guys. we will be looking at mechanics quizzes here,  mechanics is a branch of Physics. Note that applied mechanics bridges the gap between physical theory and its application to technology and it is used in many fields of engineering, most especially mechanical engineering and civil engineering, here in this context, it is commonly referred to as engineering mechanics.  These mechanics quizzes will help expose students to problems in mechanics as applied to real-world scenarios. 

Mechanics in simple words is that branch of Physics and applied mathematics that deals with motion and forces producing the motion. There are two types of Mechanics,
-Classical Mechanics
 Classical mechanics deals with the motion of bodies which are under the influence of forces or with the equilibrium of bodies when all forces on them are balanced. This quiz may be thought of as the elaboration and application of basic postulates first introduced by Isaac Newton 

-Quantum Mechanics
 Quantum mechanics explains how the universe works at a scale smaller than even atoms. Quantum mechanics is also referred to as quantum physics or quantum theory. Mechanics which is a part of physics explains how things move and quantum is the Latin word for 'how much' . So generally,  Quantum mechanics describes how the particles that make up atoms work and function. 

    Students are usually given exams with most questions set from Mechanics, and this therefore means these quizzes should be taken seriously as you may find a question such as what is mechanics?., you may be given problems to solve involving motion and forces etc  Gcequiz.com gives opportunity to students to study anywhere at their convenient so far they have internet connection. The quizzes are free, and are aimed at improving your knowledge on particular topics and subjects. For more Physics quizzes, click here

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A level Mechanics Quizzes