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Advanced level Energy Resources Quizzes.  

(Energy Resources quizzes for A level GCE, GCSE, and Necta) 

All living things need energy. We have learned in Life and through Living that energy is one of the requirements for life. However, it is not only living things that need energy to move and carry out various processes. The machines and appliances in our world today also need energy to do work, for examples, Engineers use their knowledge of this topic to harness Electrical energy from dams etc. 

Energy Resources
An energy resource is simply something from which energy can be tapped. The main energy source , which is natural and most important is the sun.
Many substances and organisms also store energy which can then be used. We call them energy sources. Energy sources have energy that is already stored within them and can be used for particular purposes, for example, energy stored in petrol can be used to steam the engine of a car. We will learnt about the two main sources of energy: renewable and non-renewable sources

Renewable sources are ones which can be recycled or reused while Non-renewable sources cannot be reused and so there is always limited amount of energy available and when that runs out, it can not be renewed.  Let's now take a closer look at some of the renewable energy sources. Wind is moving air and it can be used as a source of energy. The energy from moving fast moving air particles are used to turn large turbines. The turbines are connected to a generator which produces electrical energy.  For electricity to be generated, we need a steady, strong wind blowing in order to produce a large, consistent amount of electricity. This means that wind farms cannot be put up in areas where there is hardly no wind movement. Water can also be used as an energy source. This is called hydropower. The energy from waterfalls is used to drive turbines in a power station. Unlike coal power stations, the water does not need to be heated and the water can be reused. These power stations must be at waterfalls or dams because there needs to be a strong flow of water to harness the energy.  Most of the world's energy comes from sunlight. Solar panels are the devices used to absorb the radiant energy from the Sun, transforming the energy from the Sun into stored potential energy. The Sun is also a star . This means that our Sun can provide energy to the Earth for millions of years and millions of years to come after that. Sunlight is considered a renewable energy . 

 The non-renewable energy sources most commonly used in our world today are fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are the non-renewable sources, oil, coal and natural gas.  

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A level Energy Resources Quizzes