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An electric current is the rate at which electric charge flows past a point. The amount of electric charge on an object is measured in coulumbs (C) and the force that exist between two bodies because they possess electric charge is called the electric force or the electrostatic force. There are two sorts of charges in nature which are the positive charge and the negative charge. Assessments have shown that like charges spurn each other while not at all like charges pull in each other. 

Particles that groups electric charge are called charge transporters. Now, students usually think that current and electricity are the same but they are not the same thing. Current is a general characteristic of electricity, like voltage and resistance. Current is a name given to the flow of charge through a medium. Electricity is general name that is utilized for the basic progression of energy to control all the electrical gadgets and Current when all is said in done alludes to any stream. 

The SI unit of electric flow is the ampere (A) and the ordinary image for flow is I. To know more about charge carriers and electrostatic forces, click HERE

Types of current electricity

There  are two different types of current in  use today. They are direct current, condensed DC, and alternating current, which is contracted AC. In a direct current, the electrons flow in one  direction while in an alternating current, periodically reverses direction and changes its magnitude continuously with time.

Current Electricity can also be classified as direct current or alternating current based on the voltage source. 

Effects of Current Electricity

  • Electric current causes joule heating which is used to create light in some light bulbs
  • They create magnetic fields which are used in motors, transformer and so many other electrical devices.

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A level Current Electricity Quizzes