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Revising Computer Architecture with quizzes: Computer Design, Data Storage devices, networking components, etc.

( Simple A level Computer Architecture quizzes for GCE A level candidates )

Hello. In this quiz, you'll test your knowledge on Computer Architecture. In computer architecture, we have computer design, data storage devices, networking components, etc, which are some key concepts in computer architecture. Below are some quizzes made available for assistance in mastering the topic. Before that, let's define computer architecture:

Computer architecture refers to the design of computers, data storage devices, and components used in networking that store and run programs, transmit data, and controls interactions between computers in networks, and with users. Computer architects make use of various strategies to manage memory which will help them build computing systems with very high speed and accuracy. 

Computer architecture is a field where computer scientists and computer engineers mostly collaborate to work on hardware designs. As you play along this quiz, you should have basic understanding on the following;

- A computer consists of a control unit, arithmetic and logic unit(ALU), memory unit and input/output controllers.

All the components above are built using the transistor circuits. Below are some roles of the basic components mentioned above;

The ALU carries out basic arithmetic operations as the name implies such as addition, multiplication, subtraction, division. it equally performs logical operations such as OR and AND.

The memory unit plays the role of storing program instructions.

The control unit and ALU form the central processing unit.

 Computers are also made up of another level of memory called a cache, a small, extremely fast (compared with the main memory, or random access memory) unit that can be used to store information that is urgently or frequently needed. Current research includes cache design and algorithms that can predict what data is likely to be needed next and preload it into the cache for improved performance. 

Students are tested on computer architecture during exams in the subject computer science. They are expected to understand how the computer is designed, it's basic components, structure, etc. For more quizzes on other computer science topics, click here.

The gcequiz platform is here to help candidates prepare well for their examinations by making available lots of revision questions not just on computer architecture, but on others subject matters.

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A level Computer Architecture Quizzes