What is the CBSE and the different exams written

Posted on the February 23, 2021 9:21 PM

 What is the CBSE and the different exams written


CBSE which is the abbreviation for Central Board Of Secondary Education is the national board responsible for education in India for public and private schools.

CBSE is managed by the union government of India. In this blog post, we will discuss what CBSE is all about and the different exams they offer.

What is CBSE?

Cbse is about 58 years old and started on the 3th of November 1962. Schools in India currently work under the rules and principles stated by Cbse. Cbse’s current headquarter is in India, precisely new delhi and are currently using the website cbse.gov.in as their official website. Cbse has a mission or goal to bring education to every citizen of India in an excellent way and thus have officially come up with the slogan; “committed to equity and excellence in education”.

CBSE is equally in charge of all India secondary school exams for class 10 and 12. The CBSE system has a slight difference from other educational systems in that continuous assessments are written throughout the year and one exam is finally written called summative assessment. The continuous assessment written throughout the year is called Formative Assessment.

According to the CBSE system, there are major learning areas and their anchor subjects. The subjects vary from one school to the other. The major learning areas are;

  • Humanities: geography, history, economics, home science, sociology, fine arts, political science, fashion science, creative writing and translation studies.. Etc
  • Mathematics
  • Science and technology: biology, chemistry, physics, ICT, information practices, web and multimedia studies.
  • Health and physical education
  • Visual and performing arts: dance, drama, music, drawing, painting, crafts and sculpture.
  • Commerce: business studies, accountancy, entrepreneurship, economics...etc 

Different exams

Assessments according to the Cbse system are made up of 90% theory and 10% practical. Apart from conducting class 10 and 12 exams, the CBSE was equally responsible for the JEE (joint entrance examination) and the AIPMT (all indian pre medical test). These two exams have now been assigned to the National Testing Agency.

CBSE conducts the AISSE (all Indian secondary school examination) and the AISSCE ( all Indian senior school certificate examination) for children in class 10 and 12 respectively.

Compulsory subjects during the AISSE are mathematics, science and S.S.T (history, geography, democratic politics and economics). Students are to write the compulsory subjects with any two languages (official language/foreign language) and may also decode to write on any skill subject like; 

  • Information technology
  • Yoga
  • Painting and
  • Artificial intelligence

AISSE comprises 90% theory and 10% practicals. These practicals are either assignments, classroom projects, presentations or any two)

On the other hand, AISSCE exam subjects for a student is what he/she had chosen as an area of studies during class 10 which is either medical, Non-medical, commerce or arts. This is because the AISSCE is for a child’s entrance to the university.

The theoretical section for AISSCE is 3 hours whilst the duration of the practical part depends on the subject.

The Cbse has set a standard score of 33% for both exams as minimum or a pass mark for both AISSE and AISSCE exams.

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What is the CBSE and the different exams written