How To Study In Key Stage Two Using Quizzes

Posted on the February 17, 2021 11:22 PM

 How To Study In Key Stage Two Using Quizzes

Key stage two also known as KS2 is the next level or stage after KS1 in the primary education ladder of children in England and some other parts of the world.KS2 is for children within the age range of 7-11 years old and includes the class years 3,4,5 and 6. Today, we will discuss how to study in key stage two using quizzes.

What Is Key Stage Two?

As mentioned earlier, KS2 or key stage 2 is the next stage in a child’s primary education after KS1. At this stage or level, core skills that were taught in KS1 like fluent reading, applying punctuation in writing.. are further developed as they will be useful in secondary school.

Note that the KS2 (key stage 2) system is obligatory in state-funded schools or academies and all activities and learning approaches must be carried out according to the national curriculum.

The national curriculum stipulates the following as obligatory subjects for any school or academy following the KS2  (key stage 2)  academic system: Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, Computing, Languages (ancient and modern), P.E, Art and Design and Technology. Religious education (R.E) can also be mentioned as obligatory, but except for the fact that parents can stop their children from learning about other religions.

Hey! There!. I got some good news for you. We have a special collection of KS2 quizzes on this platform specially made just for you covering all the various lessons in the subjects mentioned above. These quizzes will help you test your understanding in these subjects.

Furthermore, KS2 (key stage 2)  can be splitted into “lower KS2” and “upper KS2”. Lower KS2  (key stage 2) is simply a collection of the years 3-4 while upper KS2 is a collection of years 5-6.

Key Practices

The following are some key tips to study and succeed in KS2 and how quizzes play an important role in your success in KS2.

An important tip to always practice in KS2 is consistency. Consistency is that secret to success in KS2.

What do I mean?

Consistency in the doing the following:

  • Always attending classes,
  • Taking class lectures,
  • Study lecture notes at home daily,
  • Work and complete all assignments on time and 
  • Testing your knowledge using online quizzes 

Playing online quizzes are a very helpful way or method to test your knowledge in the lessons or lectures given in class. Online quizzes on our platform are fun and straightforward to relax and play.

Key Stage Two Exams

At the end of KS2 (key stage 2) final year, the pupils are tested (assessment) in English and Maths through a national exam called SATs exam. SATs is an acronym for “scholastic assessment test”. The SATs grading sets 80 and 120 as the lowest and highest scores respectively. The minimum expected score considered as a pass in KS2 SATs is 100.

Using This Quiz Platform In Preparation For SATs Exam

Most KS2 pupils don’t know how SATs exam questions are set or the structure of the questions. We have put together a special collection of quizzes following SATs exam question structure and standards to get pupils. We provide quizzes in-line with the national curriculum.

Our quizzes are clear and fun to play. We care and go along with you throughout your journey by not only providing KS2  (key stage 2) quizzes but also KS3. 

Your success is our priority!

Wish you the best!

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How To Study In Key Stage Two Using Quizzes