How To Study In Key Stage Three Using Quizzes

Posted on the February 18, 2021 9:15 PM

 How To Study In Key Stage Three Using Quizzes

Key stage three, commonly called or abbreviated as KS3 is the next stage or level after KS2 which marks the beginning of a child’s journey in secondary school. The transition between KS2 and KS3 is that from primary education to secondary education. This is mostly practiced in the English (England and Wales) part of the world. KS3 (key stage 3) is for children within the age range of 11 - 14 years old and marks their first three years in secondary school. Today, we will discuss how to study in key stage three (KS3) using quizzes.

What Is Key Stage Three?

KS3 is the next level or stage after KS2 which marks the first 3 years of a child’s secondary education. Thus a turning point from primary to secondary level. At this level, children make use of the skills that were sharpened in KS2 and KS1.

All state-funded schools using the KS3 system must follow all rules and approaches stated by the national curriculum. Though this is not obligatory for schools funded by individuals or local authorities, some still trust and use the KS3 (key stage 3) system.

According to the national curriculum, the following subjects are obligatory in KS3 (key stage 3): maths, geography, english, modern foreign language, science, art and design, history, music, design and technology, physical education (must include swimming), computing (ICT) and citizenship.

Religious education (R.E) is also part of the list above except for the fact that parents have the right to exempt their children from taking the lessons in this subject.

Schools owned by local authorities are obliged to teach sex and relationship education but parents equally have the choice to exempt or allow their children take the lessons.

To boost your performance in these subjects during your stay in KS3, we have a special collection of KS3 quizzes on this platform specially made just for you covering all the various lessons in the subjects mentioned above. These quizzes will help you test your understanding in these subjects as you study them in school.

Considering the challenges children face in KS3 (key stage 3) as they are new to secondary school, we have few tips to help facilitate studies in this key stage.

Key Practices

An important tip to always practice in KS3 is consistency. Consistency is that secret to success during your stay in KS3 (key stage 3).

What do I mean?

Consistency in the doing the following:

  • Always attending classes,
  • Taking class lectures,
  • Study lecture notes at home daily,
  • Work and complete all assignments on time and 
  • Testing your knowledge using online quizzes 

Playing online quizzes in KS3 (key stage 3) are a very helpful way or method to test your knowledge in the lessons or lectures given in class. Online quizzes on our platform are fun and straightforward to relax and play.

Key Stage Three Exams

At the end of KS2 (key stage 2) final year, the pupils are tested (assessment) in English and Maths through a national exam called SATs (statutory assessment test) exam. This is not the same in KS3 since the SATs exam was abolished. Students in KS3 (key stage 3) are tested by their teachers in their various schools.

Using This Quiz Platform In Preparation For SATs Exam

We have put together a special collection of quizzes following exam structure and standards. 

Our quizzes are clear and fun to play. We care and go along with you throughout your journey by not only providing KS3 (key stage 3) quizzes but we also provide useful resources and quizzes to get you prepared for your GCSE exam.

Your success is our priority!

Wish you the best!

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How To Study In Key Stage Three Using Quizzes