How To Prepare For ISC Exam

Posted on the February 26, 2021 12:40 PM

 How To Prepare For ISC Exam


ISC is the abbreviation for “Indian School Certification” which is a certification exam offered by the ICSE (Indian certificate of secondary education) examination  board in collaboration with CISCE (council for the indian school certificate examination). ISC is an exam written by Indian students in class 12. Today, we will discuss how to prepare for ISC exams.

What Is ISC?

ISC is written in class 12 after the ICSE exam for students studying under the CISCE/ICSE private board of education. The ISC proudly follows the recommendations of the new education policy of 1986 in India. The only mode of examination in ICSE is english language.

ISC exam is only for students in schools affiliated with the ICSE private board of secondary education and can not be written by private students.


Anyone preparing for the ISC exam must make sure he/she doesn’t enroll for more than six subjects with English inclusive. Only students who successfully passed the ICSE exam are eligible to sit for the ISC exam.

Also, there is no age limit for students hoping to write the ISC exam.

ISC Exam Structure

In preparation for the ISC exam, it is very necessary to know the exam structure for which the student will be writing. For the ISC exam, each candidate is required to choose 3 to 5 elective subjects plus English language paper which is compulsory for everyone.

The following are the list of elective subjects from the ISC board; english, sociology, chemistry, geometrical and building drawing, indian languages, psychology, biology, art, modern foreign languages, economics, home science, music (western and indian), classical languages, commerce, fashion designing, physical education, english literature, accounts, electricity and electronics, environmental science, history, business studies, engineering science, biotechnology, political science, mathematics, computer science, SUPW, geography, physics, geometrical and mechanical drawing.

Therefore, in preparing for ISC exams, ensure you sharpen your spoken and written English language skills and make sure your elective subjects are the ones you master most.

Furthermore, the ISC exam has no specific grading system, thus varies from one year to the other according to the expectations of the exam board.

How we help you prepare

No more strive!. We got you covered in preparing for the ISC exam by putting together a collection of quizzes which cover the specific needs of the elective subjects mentioned above.

Also, mindful of the subjects students will be going in for, we highly recommend the following tips to prepare for ISC exam;

Reading textbooks: textbooks are very helpful in preparing for the ISC exam. Buy the corresponding textbooks for the elective subjects to be written and study them ahead of time before the examination date. There are equally hundreds of online libraries with electronic textbooks which are very helpful too. Some of these online libraries include;, and

Revising past ISC exam questions: Before going to write the ISC exam, it is very helpful to try answering the ISC exam papers for the past few years (about 5 - 10 years back). You can get these ISC past exam questions by contacting students who wrote in the past years or by going to the ISC exam board office located at Pragati House, 3rd Floor, 47-48, Nehru Place, New Delhi – 110019

Playing online quizzes: Another method of preparation before writing the ISC exam is by playing online quizzes. After studying for some time, it is very helpful to relax while playing online quizzes. Interesting platforms for playing online quizzes include, and

Taking online courses: Online courses help in acquiring extra knowledge in various subjects. Online courses and platforms can be paid or free, but some platforms offer both free and plaid online courses simultaneously. Examples of such platforms include;, and

Revising with pamphlets: A pamphlet is a booklet which contains past exam questions, answers and some other useful additional resources helpful to those preparing for exams. In preparing for ISC exams, pamphlets could be bought from and

So there you go!
Wish you the best in your ISC exam.

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How To Prepare For ISC Exam