Combined Quiz on Energy, Electricity, Forces and the Solar System

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Revising Energy, Electricity, Forces and the Solar System with Quizzes.

(Combined Quiz on Energy, Electricity Forces and the Solar System for students that wish to go in for the GCE O levels, GCSE or necta)

Today in this section, combined quiz on energy, electricity, forces and the solar system, we will be looking at what the solar system is and all the planets that surround the solar sun, what energy is, we will also look at the law of conservation of energy and the types of energy you'll be seeing at the level of GCSE.  

The solar system is made up of the sun with planets orbiting it. Not just planets but other heavenly bodies too, like asteroids and comets. It is important to note that even though the sun appears to be yellow, the true color of the sun is white, it is made up of all  colors of light such that when it is emitted, they appear to be seen as many other different colors.

Energy is the ability or capacity to do work. We all require a certain amount of energy to go to school, to study, to play,  etc. All these situations are usually governed by the conservation law  of energy which states that, energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can only be changed from one form to another. 

There are so many forms of energy some of which include;
-Gravitational Potential energy
-Elastic potential energy
-Sound energy
-Nuclear energy and
-Light energy etc

A Force is a push or a pull on an object by another that cause it to move, stop, change it's direction of motion or disfigure the object. We experiences forces in our day to day life even when you are just sitting and typing, or simply just sleeping. There are so many forces in existence but the most essentials ones are;
-Gravitational force
-Electrostatic force
-Nuclear force,
-Frictional force etc

is simply the flow of electric charges and charge is a property  of matter which causes it to experience a force when placed in an electromagnetic field. The two types of charges are positive charges and negative charges. The two types of electricity are
-Static electricity
-Current electricity

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Combined Quiz on Energy, Electricity, Forces and the Solar System