A level Physical Quantities, Units, Measurements and Dimensions Quizzes

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Revising Physical Quantities, Units, Measurements and Dimensions Quizzes

(Simple A level Physical Quantities, Units, Measurements, and Dimensions quizzes for GCE, GCSE, and necta candidates)

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In this section, we will give you some insights about physical quantities (like length, mass, weight, etc), units of those physical quantities(m, kg, N, etc), Measurements of those physical quantities, and their dimensions (L, M, MLT^-2, etc). This is a very important section in physics that needs serious attention and practice. In this light, quizzes are provided below for the smooth revision of this section. Before we move on, let's look at what we'll be studying:

A physical quantity is any property of a material that can be quantified (given a certain value of magnitude) and measured. It is usually expressed as a combination of the value and the unit. Some examples of physical quantities include speed, mass, length, density, weight, and so on.

Physical quantities can also be further divided into two categories: Vectors and Scalars. Vectors are those physical quantities with both magnitude and direction, whereas scalars are those quantities with a magnitude but no direction. an example of a vector is Force, while an example of a scalar is mass.

A unit is a standard for the measurement of physical quantities that need clear definitions. We also call them the SI units. Units can also be divided into 2 categories: Base units and derived units. Base units are those units (also referred to as fundamental units) are units adopted for measurement of a base quantity. Examples are kg, m, A, etc. On the other hand, derived units are gotten from the combination of base units. Examples are N, m/s^2, Pa, etc

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A level Physical Quantities, Units, Measurements and Dimensions Quizzes